Andalusian Horse Wallpaper

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History of the Andalusian Horse


The mighty Andalusian horse dates way back to prehistoric times.  There have been discoveries of ancient paintings in caves that date all the way back to 20,000 - 30,000 B.C.  Many believe these ancient horses are the very foundation of the modern Andalusian horse breed.


However, hundreds of years of selective breeding done by many different cultures in Spanish history evolved the breed into its current standard.  In time, it became known as one of the top horse breeds for military use, and was used by many different cultures by some of the greatest warriors in the history of mankind.  This is how it got the name "Iberian War Horse."

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Buying an Andalusian Horse

andalusian horse

Buying a new PRE horse can be very confusing, especially for a beginner.  These tips should help make the process a little bit easier for you.


Andalusian horses do not fully mature until around their 6th year, so you must keep that in mind when making your selection.  An immature andalusian horse should not be worked very hard or it could actually cause permanent damage to the animal.  They are highly affectionate horses, and constantly try to please their owner.  Because of this, an immature andalusian may try to push themselves too hard.


For the most part, andalusian horses from Spain are not accustomed to a lot of hard work, so it's important to slowly build up the amount of work they are given so you don't put too much strain on their developing muscles.

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